Places of Note

Skull’s Crossing: Located north of Turtleback Ferry. Huge dam built there to honor Thassalonian might and to flood a quarry. The dam is very big, almost 400 feet long. It has floodgates powered by magic, requiring life force to activate. There were two pit fiends that were trapped within magic circles, their life force being used. One perished 56 years ago, and the other was met by the party and subsequently released by them in exchange for information.

Turtleback Ferry: A small town located north of Magnimar. Had a gambling boat on the nearby lake that burned down.

Varisia: The region the adventuring party is in.

Magnimar: Major city in Varisia.

Fort Rannick: Home of the Black Arrows, the worst group of Rangers in the history of ranging.

Sandpoint: Protectorate of Magnimar

Hook Mountain Region: The area south of Hook Mountain is dominated by thick forests,
lakes, and the swamps known as the Shimmerglens.

Places of Note

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