Rise of the Runelords: Anniversary Edition

Chapter 1: Burnt Offerings

The Swallowtail Festival is here! Time to celebrate with a barbecue.

The Swallowtail Festival celebrates summer, the harvest and life and this year it coincides with the dedication of Sandpoints’ wonderful new cathedral to Desna. Everyone is eager to celebrate and put the horrible events of the past to rest where the previous church was burned to the ground.

The people of Sandpoint are in high spirits and have bedecked the town in colourful banners and bunting. The local vinyards have been shipping barrels in for the last two weeks, the streets ring with singing and gleeful laughter and the smell of cooking emanating from the Rusty Dragon has had passers by in the street salivating at the prospect of a free meal of Sandpoint’s finest cuisine.

However, as Father Zanteyu begins the ceremony, it soon becomes clear that not all is well in the town of Sandpoint. Smoke plumes rise, people run and the cackling singing of goblins filling the air marks the beginning of a siege.


Stupid goblins. Falar was just starting to get a good buzz on and the food was delicious.

Chapter 1: Burnt Offerings
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